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Short Wedding Dresses - Q&A with a Tobi Hannah Bride

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About yourself


Natasha Stokes, writer, hobbies are gadgety obsession, science fiction/fantasy, food, and travelling for it.

The story about how you and your significant other met and how long you were together before you got engaged

We had a few mutual friends, so we were sort of in the same, extended circle. After a number of crossed paths we ended up dancing all Sunday afternoon at a festival a couple summers ago - and the next weekend at a house party, he slunk me to a corner and asked if he could kiss me. By the same festival the following year, we were telling people (funnily on that very same music stage) we were engaged. (so about a year, I guess.)

About the proposal 

Saturday night on a beach in a town called San Foca in the south of Italy, where we had just returned for the 2nd time specially for the truffle pasta and raw shellfish.

About your wedding

July 27, 2013 in a small town in Denmark. We held the ceremony across the town lake at an old country house that’s kind of a landmark, and organised two boats to take our 60 guests. I arrived in a speedboat with two of my best friends and my sister, my dad waiting on a little pier to walk me up an aisle of our best friends and family. Our best friend Al conducted the ceremony because August and I were already legally married and we wanted this wedding to be a celebration with our friends and extended families. Then back to August’s mother’s house for dinner and party - in a marquee we set up in the neighbour’s field, with our closest friends camping there over the weekend too and of course, beautiful pics you see here shot by one of my best friends too :) 

If you could change one thing about your wedding day, what would it be? Can’t think of a thing :) It was a magical weekend that surpassed the heavy expectations of perfection laid upon it and I loved my short wedding dress- it was a combination of two Tobi Hannah short wedding dresses.

What advice would you give to an engaged bride based on your wedding experience?Short wedding dresses are awesome. Embrace the stress of organising this massive party for your closest friends and family because it’s so worth it when the people you and your partner love finally come together from all over the world. Natasha's Wedding




Tobi Hannah
Tobi Hannah
Tobi Hannah

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