27 Amazing Shoes Under £100 for Your Short Wedding Dress


1. The Gold Ballet Pumps:The sparkly gold finish on these pumps gives them a splash of edgy glam making them ideal to wear in the evening with your short wedding dress. Perfect for any climate.

2. The Jelly Sandal: Wearing a short beach wedding dress? You need these! You’re Welcome.

3. The Silver Pumps: Anyone who is married will tell you that you NEED a pair of pumps for when your feet get tired in heels. Personally I would pair these with my Amaze short wedding dress but you get to decide.

4.The Ankle Strap Pumps: These are soooo cute! Add sparkle and shine to your short wedding dress with these ballet flats that are studded with rhinestones. The  narrow ankle strap holds it in place when you take to the dance floor.

5.The Snake Print Pumps:These would look SO AWESOME with matching coloured petticoats underneath a tea length wedding dress, like my affection dress for example.

6.The Classic Ballet Flats:If you are a plain jane and you love being one, these will do just nicely. My suggestion is the grace tea length wedding dress  from my modern movement collection.

7. The Wild Child Stilettos:Eeeek can’t believe these are under 100 pounds! There are amazing. The pattern is similar to my brocade fabric so would work very well with the Illusion Short Wedding dress or if you want to take it a step further, My adventure short wedding dress paired with these shoes = all eyes on you.

8.The Yoko Ono inspired wellies: I try to contain my 60s obsession, but when I see shoes like these, I FAIL! Somebody please buy these and wear it with my gold short wedding dress? Actually, plan, I’m going to do a shoot!

9.The Ivory Wedges:For a garden wedding in the summer, these ivory wedges would work really well. They are fashion-forward and eye-catching. I own so many pairs of wedges for one reason – They are far more comfortable to walk in!

10.The Festival Wedding Wellies: I remember a lovely bride Harriet from Somerset who bought my castle short wedding dress bought these for her festival wedding last summer.

11. The Open-toemule:Love these! Would work well with a registry office wedding dress, like my Edith short wedding dress.

12.The F*** me Block Heels: These heels are badass. I’m also loving the  idea of monochrome as I played around with it for the campaign of my Wall collection. Would look AWESOME with my Wall Tea Length Wedding Dress and a black sash.

13. The Peep Toe Wedge:The half d’Orsay style of this wedge-heel pump adds timeless elegance with cutaway sides. Style tip: Wear it with my epic short wedding dress.

14. The Can you walk in these Heels?:Holy smokes! Now those heels are high. If you are marrying a giant and you are petite, might be a good idea! Although you may want to have a foot masseuse on standby.


15. The Block Colour Courts:Match these with a petticoat under my Tai tea length wedding dress. Such a pretty colour!

16. The Glam Heels:I really think these would work well with my stokes short wedding dress. I’m all about practicality and when I look at these heels, not only do I see your wedding day, I see birthdays, dinners, parties you can wear it to.

17. The Classic Court:Nice pair for an understated look.

18.The Nude Slings: One of my lovely brides from Ireland Aine bought these leather beauties to wear with my Brave short wedding dress nextsummer.And that’s the thing, this style does not age.


19.The Lace Peep Toe Heels:These would match up pretty nicely with my thorne short wedding dress if you are a lace loving bride.

20. The Smelly Heels: Yes you read that right! These gorgeous heels are made for smelling. It’s a lovely sweet smell I promise! Do you trust me?

21. The Statement Heart Peep Toe: These are SO fun! One of my amazing brides Beatrice who bought the wall tea length wedding dress for her wedding, bought these!

22. The High heel pump: If you want all the attention on your tea length wedding dress and not your shoes then get these!

23. The Bejewelled Heels: I actually LOVE these with all my heart and soul! Both colours work so so well! I would go with the gold version as you can wear them again.

24. The Emerald Peep Toe: These look SO EXPENSIVE! And they are NOT. Are you a sophisticated woman? These are for you!

25. The Statement Sandal: These elegant shoes would work really well with my wonder tea length wedding dress as it would tie in nicely with the sparkly lace.

26. The Classic Kitten Heel: If you are not big on high heels but still want to look elegant, then these are perfect for you!

27. The Multi Coloured Sandal: Imagine wearing these and having a colourful bouquet! You’re Welcome.

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