Beach Themed Wedding Cakes Ideas


Is there such thing as a beach theme wedding cake? You already have the perfect beach setting and beach decor but how do you complete your theme? There are some amazing beach theme wedding cakes out there.The cake photos shown at the end of this article are from regional bakeries and may not serve your area. Still look at these photos and get ideas to design a cake of your own.

Remember, you are a Standout Wedding bride. Your cake can defy tradition and really reflect your creative wedding ideas.Some things to be aware of when designing beach theme wedding cakes: Decor:If you are going to use sea shells from your own collection, you need to really clean them. Since frosting will absorb odors and minerals from the shells, be sure to wash them thoroughly. Use hot water and dish detergent or vegetable wash to clean them. You can even let them soak overnight in a soap solution to breakdown some mineral deposits. Use a stiff brush to remove sand from all surfaces.

I don’t recommend using plastic shells. They will take away from the authenticity of your design and they can be coated with all kinds of manufacturing toxins.If you really don’t want to use real shells, consider molded white chocolate in assorted shell shapes. I love white chocolate. You can’t go wrong with more sweets. A baker can make shells from frosting as well.

Price:If your baker quotes too high a price tag for your beach theme wedding cake because it is a custom design, look into scaling back the size of the cake. You can order a smaller cake and then have a sheet cake in the back that is used to serve many of your guests. As long as the frosting is the same for both cakes, no one will know the difference. Also read “faux” cakes below as another money saving idea.

Environment:Consider your surroundings. If your reception is out of doors, you may need to protect your cake from bugs and sand. You may want to use tulle to keep the environment out.If the sun will be beating down on you and your guests, consider placing your cake under a tent to protect it. If it is going to be hot, you may need to go with a “faux” cake for display purposes so that it won’t melt. A fondant wedding cake is the best kind to choose if you need your cake to hold up in the heat.The bottom tier can be real if you are going to have a cake cutting ceremony. Your guests will never know that your cake isn’t real.

Faux Cakes:This is another way to have a smashing cake and save some money! Your guests will be served from a sheet cake instead of the real thing and never know the difference.This is a good tactic when you cake has to travel over rough terrain to your reception location. Faux cakes have little weight to them and are easier to transport than the real thing.

What are some common cake theme ideas?

Starfish – the symmetry of the starfish will give balance to your cake and would be good on a round tied cakeSilver dollar – this is a good theme if you want a wedding cake in various shades of white on whiteAssorted sea shells – you can use these on any style cake but don’t be tempted to overdo the amountSand castle – this may be more economical as you can use sheet cakes as the baseSea horses – this theme will lend itself to the use of color very wellOysters – this will go great with pearl embellishmentsLighthouse – consider using a fun shape and food coloring or ribbon to create a light house towerBeach chairs – using beach chair toppers is another great idea for a light-hearted wedding cake

Where are you going on your honeymoon? Does your destination have a particular feature?

Perhaps you could use a fun sail boat topper, tropical fish, snorkels, dolphins, or surfboards. How about flip flops or sun glasses? You get the idea. Have some fun injecting humor into your wedding cake.

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