Best Bridesmaid Speeches Ideas


Bridesmaid speeches are one of the most important events during wedding ceremony and if you are bridesmaid you need to prepare such speeches before as it is an important task that needs to be done correctly. You need to be careful when preparing your own speech, as it needs to be simple, straight to the point, funny and of course needs to include all the beautiful moments that can be added only if you know the bride history, that is why you have been chosen for bridesmaid and do your best like everyone would.

You need to prepare a speech that will be concentrated to the bride, groom and of course all the wedding guests, you need to feel me connected and try to get their attention. At first it seems like a small task, but trust me if you are not well prepare for it you may do a big harm at the wedding, so with a bit of preparation and creativity you can make the bridesmaid speech one of the most remembered moments of the wedding! Your speech needs to contain all, emotions, feelings, funny parts, beautiful history of bride and groom which needs to be shared to all the wedding guests and make the whole wedding ceremony excited for it. As bridesmaid you definitely know the bride and the groom, so use that in your favor and bring out all the happy and beautiful moments that you shared with both. Point out the good qualities of the bride that you as bridesmaid was given through all this years of friendship.

Now lets see how a bridesmaid speech is structured, here are some key points that needs to be included in it, so pay attention:

  • You should start with thanking the bride for choosing you as your bridesmaid and trying to tell all the audience in what connection are you with her and how you meet her for first time. Do not miss to tell how you meet the groom for the first time, try to point out some funny comments about groom and do not forget to share the good qualities that the bride has.
  • Point out some funny stories that happened with bride and groom when they first meet and in beginning for relationship, share all the good comments and stories that bride told you about groom. Tell how they look beautiful together, how they are perfect for each other.
  • Continue talking about some funny hobbies about bride and give some funny comments about them, tell some beautiful things that groom will now get living together.
  • As the end you can you should give to both some words of advice and all the best wishes as newlyweds, happiness, success and forever lasting love.

You can see now that bridesmaid speeches are very important part of wedding ceremony and you as bride needs to well prepare for them. Good luck!

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