Best Green Themed Wedding Ideas


Are you eco-conscious? Do you want to be an eco-friendly bride and have a green wedding theme? If every bride did one green thing at her wedding that would mean over 25 million green supporters!Some green wedding theme ideas are so easy you might not even think of them as being green. Here is our Top Ten Green List.

1. Let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. If you want uniformity, you can specify a color or even give them a color swatch. This way they can choose a dress style that she will wear again.

2. Buy a previously worn gown atĀ

3. Buy a gown made from sustainable fabric such as hemp and organic cotton. Find a green wedding gown made with an eco-friendly consciousness.

4. FLOWERS – Use local flowers and wild harvested flowers. Be even more cutting edge and use paper flowers that are made from eco-friendly papers.

5. Reuse and recycle – what from your wedding can you reuse in your home? Can your centerpieces be reused in your guest’s homes.If you are providing your own linen, give it to your wedding party afterward.Donate your wedding dress after your wedding.

6. Use local produce – organic when possible. Ask your caterer what local options they can offer. Serve a vegetarian meal over a meat dish. So much can be done with pasta and fresh veggies. Meatless dishes are not only better for the environment, they are cruelty-free.

7. Donate food that was never brought out of the kitchen to a local shelter. Make arrangements beforehand.

8. Serve fair trade coffee and chocolate. Fair trade items are responsibly harvested and the workers are fairly treated.

9. Invitations – Strip them down or eliminate the paper version altogether. You do not need inner and outer envelopes. It just adds weight which equals a waste of your money in addition to unnecessary paper. You need more postage in addition to buying the extra envelopes.Drop all of the inserts. Have the RSVP online. Most people have access to MapQuest or a GPS so skip the printed directions. If you use paper, look for recycled paper and soy inks.

10. Keep your ceremony and reception in the same location to cut down on the gas consumption which will lower your carbon footprint.Choose a location that is centrally located for your guests to further reduce your carbon footprint.Encourage guests to carpool which not only saves gas but it encourages the use of designated drivers.

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