How To Plan A Destination Wedding In Costa Rica



If you are interested in being eco-friendly, you will be happy to know that Costa Rica came in first place in the survey done by CMI Green with regard to the most environmentally concerned destination. Over one quarter of the country is made up of national parks and reserves which the Costa Rican government invests over 1 million dollars annually to maintain. Not only does this investment protect the environment, it makes for beautiful backdrops for your destination wedding.

Amazing Beaches

If you are dreaming of a beach wedding, Costa Rica’s fabulous beaches offer you a wide range of choices. Costa Rica border both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Many of the resorts are located on the Pacific coast side of the country but keep in mind you can travel across the entire country in just 3 hours by car or 45 minutes by small plane. So you really can take advantage of both coast lines. On the Atlantic coast you will find great snorkeling, fishing and of course, sun bathing. On the Pacific, you will find great surfing and the majority of tourist attractions. You can also take advantage of kyaking, sailing, diving, hiking and golfing. That is of course, if you can stand leaving the comfort of your beach chair.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is in Central America. It lies between Nicaragua and Panama. The official language is Spanish. As Costa Rica is fairly close to the equator its seasons do not follow the North American seasons. Instead, there are two seasons – the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season can see periods of constant downpours. It is their version of winter and typically lasts from May to November. The dry season, or summer, is from December to April and is the more preferred time for you to hold you destination wedding.

As far as safety goes, Costa Rica is considered one of the safest countries in Central America. While traveling, you should be concerned with the same things you would be concerned about in any major city. Pick pocketing is one of the major traveler complaints along with stolen luggage. Use common sense and do not do things that would make you an obvious tourist target such as following an unfamiliar guide into a remote area or walking through a desolate area alone after dark. If you use common sense and stick to areas that are recommended by your wedding planner and hotel concierge staff you will have a wonderful destination wedding in Costa Rica.


In order for your wedding to be legal in both Costa Rica and your home country, there are a few things you need to provide. Get these items in to the appropriate office a month or so before your wedding:

  • The full name of both the bride and groom without any initials
  • Passport numbers and nationality
  • Birth date and birth place for each of you
  • Home address
  • Occupation
  • Divorce decree if either of you has been married previously. If the bride was divorced in the past 12 months she needs to bring proof of a negative pregnancy test.
  • Parents full names (including maiden name), nationality, and address for each parent.


Your two witnesses need to provide much of the same information if they are not from Costa Rica. Your witnesses cannot be immediate family.

  • Full name without initials
  • Passport numbers and nationality
  • Birth date and place
  • Home address
  • Marital status


When you arrive in Costa Rica for your destination wedding you will need:

  • Original passport for both the bride and groomTwo copies of the same passports above
  • Copy of passport for each of your two witnesses

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