Make sure you go over these tips before hiring a wedding car service


Wedding is the beginning of a new journey in one’s life. So the start of this lifelong voyage should be memorable. When everyone is busy deciding the big day’s dresses, food or decorations, make sure you do discuss your ride with your partner.

Why Hire a Wedding Car?

Finding a chauffeur service in London for weddings is no big deal, but finding the best and most suitable chauffeur can be one. Hiring a wedding car in advance will get you away from all the last minute hassle, and you can celebrate your wedding with your dear ones.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Car?

Perfect is the goal of the wedding! So here are a few things that you should decide upon before hiring a chauffeur service:

  • Advance booking: Advance booking is always recommended because leaving the car booking for the last minute will only add up to your stress. So the sooner you book a wedding car hire in London, the better it is.
  • Pick and drop: Discuss the pick and drop points with your driver and the car service agency.
  • Bridesmaids: The number of bridesmaids, flower girls, and page boys will determine the number of cars. So make sure you- count.
  • Vintage: Nothing can be more classy than vintage cars, and that is why they are in trend. But it is always essential to check the car’s condition beforehand. A drawback with vintage cars is that they provide sufficient space just for two people.
  • Avoid double booking: It is advisable to not opt for cars that are already booked for some occasion on the same day as your wedding.
  • Car style: Deciding on the style and color of the car is another crucial step. The car style should synchronize with your wedding theme. The car color should also compliment the theme and decorations. Do not forget to consider the size of your car and think what do you want vintage, traditional, modern, minimal, something fast and racy, or something that gives a bold statement.
  • Comfort: There should be zero compromises with comfort on your wedding day. The car should be spacious enough to fit you and your partner with dresses comfortably.
  • Weather: In case if you are planning to hire a convertible, check the weather first. Also, a convertible car for winter wedding might prove to be unnecessary.
  • Back up plans: You should always inquire about the wedding car service company about back up plans in case of a car breakdown. Such pre-planned decisions will help you fight any uninvited problems.

Your wedding is supposed to be your best day so do make sure you go over these tips before hiring a wedding service.

Inquiring the Wedding Car Service Provider

Before booking the car, you should be very clear about the contract and the terms and conditions with the car hiring service company. Talk things through to understand things more clearly.

To drive or not to drive: Nowadays, you get an option to book a car without a driver. So if the idea of shifting gears on your wedding day fantasies you, give it a thought.

  • Decorations: The car decoration is as important as the decoration of your wedding arena. The car company should be inquired about the car decoration system. Most of the companies have decorators for this purpose, but some leave it up to the booking party. If your company has taken the decoration responsibility then do inform them about your flower choices or if you have any specific accessories in mind.
  • Cancellation terms: It is essential to discuss the conditions for cancelling your booking. Some companies make the booking party deposit a non-refundable sum. Your wedding insurance can prove to be a savior in such circumstances.

With all the mentioned practices before your wedding, you can look forward to creating memories on your wedding day that you will cherish lifelong. All that you will have to do is enjoy the moments as your plans yield sweet results.

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