9 Ways to Make your Wedding More Fun and Personal


A wedding is a celebration of two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. The day is about them and the love that they share.

However, many believe that there are certain norms of a wedding that one must not deviate from. This makes their wedding less personalized than they’d like it to be.

But since it is your special day, so you should decide how it should be- whether completely classic, slightly unconventional or absolutely bizarre. The more a wedding reflects the personalities of you and your partner, the better it will be for everyone- you, your fiance, and even your guests.

So, here are 9 ways to jazz up a traditional ceremony and bring your fun-loving personality into the wedding:  

Hire a photo booth

Photo booths are great ways to make life-long memories. You and your wedding guests can practically create the most fun wedding album in here. There are plenty of props and backgrounds available, and you can even request for a USB to safe keep all the creations. Photo Booth Rental in London is an exciting way to add your touch to a wedding.  

In fact, you can get a special wedding photo booth hire in London.

Personalize your dinner

Shake things up at the dinner. One way to accomplish this is to serve dinner family style; not only is it distinctive, but also more intimate and cozy. You can also showcase your heritages by including traditional dishes on the menu.

If you are a food fanatic, replace the regular three-course meal with a massive six-course dinner instead.

Jazz up that cake

Get a cake made from cupcakes or maybe even replace your cake with another sweet dish like a macaroon tower. Cake cutting happens at every wedding, why not make this ceremony fun?  

Plan a surprise entertainment

Entertain your guests to something completely unexpected. Hire aerialists and dancers to perform at the reception. Maybe even do a flashmob on the dance floor. If you like to dance, you can join in too! A surprise element will keep your guests in awe and talking for days.

Entertain the kids

Don’t forget the little ones at your wedding. Incorporate a few activities that children would enjoy (and sometimes so would adults!). Set up a trampoline at a corner for children to jump on or have an ice cone station for them.

Create a signature cocktail

Make your wedding genuinely personalized by featuring a cocktail that represents you and your fiance! Cocktails are so diverse- spicy, sweet, and fruity that creating a combination that represents you both won’t be too difficult. Amalgamate both of your names, and you have got a new cocktail name on your hands.

Keep the dance and music to one side

Dancing may be enjoyable, but some people prefer a slightly more peaceful atmosphere. If your dance floor is at one corner, all the music lovers and dancers will flock to that side, and there would be enough space left for those who would like to indulge in some friendly conversation.

Get a wedding painter

Hire a live wedding painter to create art out of your wedding. If you and your fiance are patient beings, you both can be a part of the painting too. A picture will be a splendid souvenir that you can preserve or set up at your new home.    

Keep schedules to a minimum

Schedules create a routine that sometimes leaves little time for enjoyment. One thing comes after the next, and there is no time left for intuition. So, create a rough plan instead and don’t be too worried if there are some delays in it. Just go with the flow and celebrate this special day freely.

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