Planning A Destination Wedding In Alaska


If your thinking an Alaska destination wedding isn’t for you, consider this, Alaska has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. It’s natural features of glistening glaciers, pristine lakes and amazing greenery are hard to beat. Alaska is a place that not many get to visit but that lingers in memories forever. Your wedding photography will be stunning with Alaska as it’s backdrop.

Worried about the cold? If you are, stick to the summer months of June through August when the temperature stays above 60. You will never have to worry about sweating in your wedding gown and your groom will be more comfortable in his black tux. There is nothing worse than a heavy wedding gown and a black jacket in the brutal August sun in many places of the US. If you really are a winter person, an Alaska destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to choose a really unique wedding gown. Choose a long sleeve, faux fur lined gown with elegant gloves. You will look like a snow queen. Keep in mind the daylight schedule of Alaska if you are looking for daytime photos. December is their shortest daylight month with only 7 hours of light. In June the sun never goes down so you can party for 24 hours straight in the sunlight!

The Alaska destination wedding also lends itself nicely to those of you want want to have a honeymoon cruise. Alaska is famous for it’s cruises. You can get married on board or on land. You have so many options. You can even helicopter to a remote mountain top for truly memorable vows. The possibilities are truly unique for the adventurous couple. Alaska has wonderful spas and resorts where you can really pamper yourself during your honeymoon. The Alaska destination wedding should be planned to allow plenty of time to take in all of the sites. A week may be too short. Consider 10 days or more if your schedule allows.

I would recommend this destination for couples who are not planning on having more than a handful of guests or no guests as the travel to and from Alaska can be expensive. Hotels during the summer can be pricey as well. Some venues offer all inclusive packages for the bride and groom that include a small wedding which will help make it more affordable. Some of the major Alaskan cities to consider are Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks. I mention these particular cities because these are the cities where you can pick up your marriage license. You need to arrange for your own license either online or via phone but pick up your license in person during the business day in one of these cities. Take that into account when planning your travel.

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