Wedding Photography Trends That You Should Be Aware Of


Due to the cutting-edge technology and social media, wedding photography trends have undergone a massive revolution. Photographers are harnessing all kinds of situations, backgrounds, locations, and cool effects to their photos, providing you with a unique look. 

You can capture the wedding vibes in various flavors, colors, styles, and patterns, depicting each kind of emotion and feeling in the images. So, are you planning for an innovating wedding photography album for your wedding? Here are the hottest wedding photography trends followed by most of the couples this year. You will instantly love these trends. 

  • Pre-Wedding/Proposal photography 

When a couple discusses wedding photography, they do not miss out the pre-wedding shoots. We all love to capture all the lovely moments of the wedding proposals, especially the moment she said ‘yes’ to him. A proposal enjoys the same significance as that of a wedding function. 

Proposal photography is more about ‘between-me-and-you’ thing, and so, it has the solitude, charm, and innocence of love. Pre-wedding shoots can be made more graceful at a beach, or in a park, or even in a coffee shop. A skilled photographer can click those special moments brilliantly with his camera. 

  • Instagram Hashtags 

No special event is complete without an Instagram Hashtag these days. We cannot call ourselves as social media addicts, but we have a life-sharing platform like Instagram. You can use wedding-based hashtags to restructure and simplify your wedding images in one category. Hashtags also bring relevance to the photos. 

Instagram hashtags and photo sharing has become a popular trend and will witness more fantastic updates in the year 2019. Do not miss to check out how you can make your photos more visible to your world using this social media platform. 

  • Drone technology 

Aerial drone technology is a trending technique in the wedding world, and you cannot miss it. It is not just about overhead shots but the capturing of overall excitement and zeal in the air. It provides you with ample angles and perspectives and is an excellent way to create your wedding film. 

Drone technology is not reserved for the affluent, as it has become a reasonably priced trend for today’s generation.  Oxfordshire wedding photographer is including this trend in the packages. So, if you are looking for a trendy wedding, then you should definitely go for the drone package.

  • After-wedding shoots 

Pre-wedding and wedding shoots are standard these days, but we do not have to miss the after-wedding fun. The emotions are still prevalent; the excitement does not vanish after the wedding ceremony. Then, why not capture those divine moments in your camera! It might sound residual shoots to some of you, but once you are done with it, you will thank us for suggesting this trend! 

After-wedding shoots are done at a location other than the wedding venue. It provides a different angle, lighting, and also, a memorable emotion. You can select a sunrise or the sunset, depending upon your preferences! The happy couple looks less stressful in these shoots. 

  • Wedding documentaries 

The traditional wedding photography involves a lot of formal poses, stressful situations and a constant need to smile for the photos. As wedding ceremonies are getting more relaxed these days, the wedding photography trends are transforming too. People prefer to have candid shots as they are enjoying the occasion. 

Documentary wedding photography is the latest trend appreciated by most of the people around the world. It is an informal, comfortable style that does not stress out the couple as well as the guests. It also captures minute, sweet moments of the wedding occasion lovingly. 

  • First look photography 

It’s not the movie’s first look, but the first look of your wedding. Cool, isn’t it! It has an element of elegance, intimacy, and a sweet approach of catching the expressions of the couples and the families. 

In a nutshell, wedding photography trends have gone through significant changes, and a couple cannot overlook the ongoing trends. In case you are a wedding photographer, then you should include a maximum of these trends in your brochure. Similarly, a couple should try to incorporate more wedding trends for unforgettable memories.

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