Plan The Perfect Beach Wedding


We continue the series’ Plan the perfect Beach Wedding- Part 1′ by looking at the people that make every wedding a celebration in life and love: your family and loved ones.

Provide them with the details

It is a difficult task to surprise your friends and family with a teaser invitation. Celebrity style is what you want, but it can be more expensive. You have to plan everything from A-Z. This includes flights for your guests (if necessary), their clothes and toiletries, as well as taking care of all other details. Your guests will be able to plan for their journey and ceremony by being given a heads-up about the location. It’s less likely that you will have unexpected surprises later on which could cause havoc.

Make your guests feel at home

It’s a great way to express gratitude to your guests for choosing to be part of your big day. You could gift anything from sun creams and lotions for the beach to thoughtfully embroidered blankets, scarfs or sun hats. You can even have your guests receive in-room massages depending on their budget. You could also gift them a para-sailing experience or speedboat experience. These water sports are available at most beaches in Goa.

Make your guests feel at home

Be comfortable, happy guests are the best! No matter if you are hosting an early morning or late evening ceremony, make sure that your guests are comfortable and have plenty of refreshments. For those who can’t bear to sit in the sun, large umbrellas or canopies on the sand are a great idea. It is important to have a backup plan in case of bad weather and the only option is to get married indoors. This will also reduce the chance of unfortunate incidents and accidents.

Give them a keepsake

Let’s face it, not many people are blessed with a beautiful beach wedding in the company of their loved ones. A small souvenir is a great way to say thank you to your guests. You don’t need to give it expensive. For example, you can gift them a framed photo, a nautical-themed magnet or other handy gadgets. Or even a small gift hamper. While a beach wedding requires a lot of planning and help from loved ones as well, it’s a great way to say “I do” to your spouse.


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