Money Saving Tips For Destination Weddings


Most couples discuss a destination wedding when they talk about the destination. They focus on the location itself, the guests to attend, and the details of the wedding trousseau. For newlyweds, it may seem awkward to discuss the financial aspects. However, that could be why it may be easier to talk about other aspects of the wedding.

Let’s face it, a destination wedding is expensive. Not only for you, but also for your guests. How can you save money on your wedding?

Register your marriage before you actually do the ceremony

It works for most couples. However, if you want to have a destination wedding it might make sense to first complete the legal paperwork in your country. This will make travel much more enjoyable. In fact, some countries require this before you can go. It is a smart decision to save money on legal fees and other unpleasant hassles if you don’t know the details of registering your marriage in another country.

Choose your destination wisely

When you choose where to hold your wedding ceremony, don’t forget about your guests. A resort with plenty of activities is a great place to accommodate your guests. A resort will have plenty to offer for children and adults. You should consider whether your guests will need to travel a lot to be there on your D-day. If they do, you might want to extend their stay for a few more days. You could ask your resort/hotel for a discount for groups or to offer you some freebies like exclusive spa sessions. We bet they won’t mind either.

Get expert help from the resort hotel

Destination weddings are very popular. If you have a hotel with a high rating, there is a good chance they will offer a package or an in-house wedding coordinator. It’s a smart idea to hire their in-house wedding coordinator as they will already be working with many vendors. Although it may not be romantic, pre-determined wedding packages can offer great savings. Talk to the resort/hotel if you don’t like the included package. They may be able to offer other options, which would still cost the same. These requests are usually accepted by most places, especially in low season.

Group Discounts

Although flights and other transport arrangements can be expensive, the internet allows you to make online bookings. This can lead to significant savings for everyone. You could also ask your preferred travel agency for help in making all arrangements for transport and travel. If the entire group travels together, it is possible to find low-cost options like traveling by bus or train. Ask for advice from family and friends, but remember that it’s your sweetheart and your day to celebrate.


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