Four Important Tips For The Indian Groom-to-be


In the past, an Indian groom was required to only shop for his clothes and get to the wedding venue on-time. Modern Indian grooms are more involved in wedding preparations. He is not only more conscious of his appearance, but he also participates actively in planning and celebrating the wedding.

We take a look at some tips Indian grooms must remember to have a successful wedding.

  • Help your bride to become: This point is something every groom must remember. Brides are naturally stressed. Be as supportive as possible. Don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand; it is often what brides need. Help where you can. Traditional Indian weddings are arranged mostly by the brides’ families. If you offer financial support, it will be a big win for your in-laws. Keep an optimistic and positive outlook throughout the planning process. This will reduce stress on the bride’s part.
  • Manage the honeymoon planning. If your fiance is involved in the planning of the engagement and sanget, offer to help arrange for the honeymoon. It is easy to plan a memorable honeymoon. Your wife-to be will be impressed that you went the extra mile to help arrange a relaxing and memorable honeymoon. This can be done in one of two ways. You can either keep it under wraps and surprise your wife or you can create a wishlist together that takes her preferences into consideration. Do your research, know her preferences and do what you like.
  • Act as a buffer between the two families Indian weddings can be very stressful and cause arguments and petty disputes between the participants. Keep a positive attitude and be a buffer between them. This will prevent your bride from ruining the occasion.
  • Take care of your grooming – Grooming for men today does more than just include shaving and applying an after-shave. Take care of your hair and skin. If necessary, you can seek out professional treatments. You should be involved in shopping. There are many choices for Indian bride’s attire today. These include indo-western suits and Achkans, Bandhgalas, dhotis, and so forth.

These are some tips for Indian grooms-to be. You want to have fun with your bride-to be! Keep it simple, real, and romantic.


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