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We are pleased to announce Shreya Sen, our September wedding photographer, has blogged with us . She specializes in natural wedding photography and a little bit of photojournalism. Shreya has a background in psychology which allows her to understand and relate to the personalities of her clients. She enjoys working with real people, and the real emotions that weddings offer. Here’s the entire interview.

1) Tell us about yourself. What are your years of experience in this field?

Photography was not something that happened overnight. After studying psychology, I felt discouraged by some aspects of the field and decided to give up on my stubborn dream to become a psychologist. I tried to make a difference and be creative. I returned to India in 2009 after finishing my masters at John Hopkins University. R. Burman, a well-known fashion and celebrity photographer, gave me the chance to help him explore different aspects of photography. That was where I found my passion. Shreya Sen Photography was officially established in April 2011. It has been my baby, and I continue to grow as a photographer and person.

My background in psychology and emotions led me to believe that it was possible to connect with real people and experience real emotions. You can do exactly that with wedding photography. My fashion photography knowledge is also a part of my work. I focus mainly on the bride and groom, capturing the intimate moments and close-knit moments of the ceremony and bride and groom. My style is a mix of photojournalism and editorial. Every bride wants to look her best, but I also add rich, real emotions. Composition and simple editing/post-production are my top priorities. I stick to the original colors and avoid over-processing. If required, I also shoot destination weddings.

2) Are you a member of a team?

At the moment, I don’t work in a group. I am a solo photographer. Sometimes clients ask for a second photographer to cover the entire family. I hire another person who is a similar style to mine to join me.

3) Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, I cover destination weddings in India and overseas.

4) What are your packages? What products are you offering?

My packages include edited images and couple shoots, as well as a coffee-table album. What sets you apart among your competitors? My USP is my ability to understand the personalities of my brides and grooms and incorporate them into my images. Pre-wedding shoots are therefore conceptualized and personal. Because I am very particular about details, I plan all of my shoots. From clothes to colors to props and locations.

5) A lifestyle photographer, I also have a relationship with my clients beyond the wedding. I hope it continues to the time they become pregnant (as well as maternity photography) or when they have children. It is very important to me that my clients feel comfortable with me. Clients can relate to my photographs because they come from psychology backgrounds. My photographs are simple and elegant, which I believe attracts clients to my work.

6) Tell us about an interesting shoot you’ve had… What made it so interesting.

A pirate boat shoot called “Aye Captain” was one of our most memorable pre-wedding shoots. We wanted to use the word “captain” because the groom was a pilot. The story is about a bride who is a princess and her groom who is a pirate. They fall in love and fight over the seas, and then he proposes to the bride. It was stunning, and it was set against the backdrop of Mumbai’s bayline. The perfect lighting made for an incredible shoot. They had a great time and the couple was very popular at their wedding. Guests and relatives loved the photos and they created a guest book.


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