Tips On Planning A Destination Wedding


It’s romantic to get married in exotic locations to someone you love. Although destination weddings are very popular, they can be quite expensive. However, if you really want the ceremony to remain private, it’s worth traveling to another country or city to say “I do”. It also gives your guests the opportunity to take a vacation.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your dream destination wedding.

Choosing the right place

It is not as simple as it sounds. All your family and friends must be able travel to the country or city you choose. If you are not able to pay for everyone’s travel costs, choose a venue that is affordable for all of your guests. It would also be useful if each guest could have their own travel plans that included details like the flights available to the destination, travel budget, travel time, and travel time to get there.

Do your research

It sounds wonderful to have a wedding in Goa, or get married on the Kovalam Beach in Kerala. But do you know how the weather will be on your wedding day? While a lot of couples don’t pay attention to weather reports when planning their wedding, it should be a priority. This will allow you to make more arrangements for your guests, and you can also change the itinerary if necessary. You can find more information on your destination by reading reviews from trusted travel websites.

Tell your guests in advance

Depending on the destination, it is likely that you will find that most hotels and resorts take wedding bookings at least a year in advance. Sending ‘Save the Date’ cards or proper wedding invitations at least 8 to 9 months before your wedding is a smart idea. This allows your guests to plan their trip, and to let you know if they will be coming.

Find the best wedding planner

There are many wedding planners that specialize in destination weddings. Before you hire one, ensure that they have planned and managed weddings in the same location as yours. Your planner will likely have a relationship with local vendors such as logistics and styling. This person may be able to negotiate a better deal for you, and ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. These niche wedding planners can be costly, but they’ll be worth it.

Make your guests feel at home

Your guests’ comfort should be your top priority. After all, they have made a lot of effort in order to be there for you as you embark on a new chapter of life. It is a good idea to hire a pick up service at the airport and offer a concierge service that will be available for any questions or concerns. For a personal touch, you could create a welcome basket with chocolates and toiletries. You should ensure that your guests have the right rooms and suites, and they are informed about any other events. If time allows, you can also arrange spa sessions for them. Don’t worry about the details, but make sure you know what you have planned. Ask your planner for updates and to let you know if there are any concerns. Your dream destination wedding can be achieved with careful planning.


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