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Many couples are opting to “go green” when it comes time to tie the knot. Many people already have a social and environmentally conscious outlook, so it’s only natural that they extend this mindset to their wedding day.

What is an eco-friendly wedding?

An eco-friendly wedding is one that makes a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly. It is possible to plan an eco-friendly wedding in India. Professional wedding and event planners can help you organize all details and integrate the “green theme” into your wedding celebrations.

The benefits of an eco-friendly wedding

  • Green weddings are less harmful than those made from petroleum-based materials, and help conserve natural resources. These weddings also include recycling materials, flowers, and bridal apparel. They have a positive effect on the environment.
  • Smaller weddings are often more eco-friendly and intimate. These ceremonies can be very cost-effective.
  • Today, many vendors and suppliers help to incorporate the “green” theme into weddings. Couples can take a significant socio-economic responsibility and support these vendors by purchasing their products and services.

Here are 8 easy ways to incorporate an eco-friendly theme into your wedding celebrations

  1. Menu –Have an plant-based menu. The wedding can be eco-friendly by having a vegetarian meal made from locally grown ingredients. Alicia Silverstone, a Hollywood star, had a vegan wedding menu. It was delicious and enjoyable for her guests. Her simple choice was to use vegetables as the centerpieces.
  2. Venue – A venue near home or at the hotel where guests are staying can reduce petrol usage and thus reduce carbon footprint.
  3. Bridal dresses and jewelry – Chemical dyeing is a common practice in modern bridal apparel. You can choose to have your bridal gown made locally, or rent it from an online company. You can also wear heirloom jewelry and apparel that has been passed down through the generations. This type of “recycling” is not only economically efficient, but also beneficial for the environment. It’s also trendy; did Bebo not recently wear the Lehenga of her mother-in law for her wedding?
  4. Flower arrangements Many florists recycle flowers and work with succulent plants that can be regrown after the wedding.
  5. Wedding cakes – No-fuss, no-fuss wedding cake can still look great and be healthier than those with sugary frosting.
  6. Invites – A couple can send e-invites, or make the invitation cards from recycled paper.
  7. Bridal registry Ensure that you only include eco-friendly products in your registry.
  8. Charity – Many vendors support local educational, social and environmental causes. These charities are supported naturally when you choose to support them.

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