Makeup & Hair Tips That Every Bride Must Know


Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. We have compiled a list of successful hairstyle and makeup tips to help brides avoid making mistakes and look great on their wedding day.

  1. Trial, Trial, and Trial – This is the formula for a flawless look on your wedding day. You can attend a trial session to ensure that you are comfortable with the makeup and hairstyles. You don’t have to follow the trends in makeup and hair that we have shared on this blog. Instead, you can try a different look.
  2. Time Ensure you have enough time to do your hair and make-up on the big day. You should get up early if you have an early Mahurat (though this may be difficult if you had a late night Sangeeta or Mehndi session). Avoid puffy eyes by not eating spicy food or drinking the night before. Instead, drink several glasses of water and use icepacks to reduce puffiness under the eyes.
  3. Research – Many brides are confused about the look they want on their wedding day. It is a good idea to seek out advice from experts and friends, but it is equally important that you do your research about the look you desire. Many online and offline magazines can help you pick a look that matches your wedding colors and attire. You can also choose a celebrity that you are most similar to and pick a hairstyle that suits your facial features. It is important not to be ‘talked into” a style that isn’t right for you.
  4. Makeup touch ups – Don’t forget basic makeup products (lipsticks, eyeliners, tissues, blush, etc.) with you to the wedding venue. Your wedding is an emotional affair. While your stylist may have used waterproof makeup, you and your bridesmaids should still bring a small makeup kit to do touch-ups.

Here are some more ideas for the perfect look on your wedding day:

  • Always keep an extra pair of footwear on hand.
  • Use blush liberally. Although it might seem a bit too much, this will ensure better photos.
  • Do your hair before applying makeup to your own hair if you are going for self-makeup.
  • You should not visit a beauty salon or spa a day prior to the wedding. Although it might sound like the best thing to do, especially if you are going through stressful wedding preparations, this can lead to breakouts and other unpleasant effects.
  • Don’t forget your neck skin. A lot of brides tend to focus more on their facial skin than the skin on their neck. To achieve a glowing, radiant look from the top to the bottom, strappy wedding cholis or deep neck blouses must be exfoliated.
  • Remember that many Indian wedding dresses have heavy veils. If you plan to tie your hair in a complicated bun or hairstyle, it will likely make your head hurt by the end of your long wedding day. Choose a style that is easy to manage and maintain.

These are some tips every Indian bride-to-be must keep in mind for a beautiful look on her big day.

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