Top Bridal Queries Answered by Dietician Sheela Seherawat


Many of our brides wrote to us asking for advice on how to lose weight and how to get in shape before the big day. Sheela Sahrawi, a well-known expert in weight loss and wellness, offers valuable insight on all of this and many other topics.

1. I will be getting married in a few months.

Although I exercise, I have not seen any improvement in my problem areas like my stomach, hips, and thighs. What foods are best to reduce the problem areas? A diet high in fiber and proteins will help you lose extra weight. Your diet should include plenty of fresh and uncooked fruits and vegetables. Our dieticians will help you create a custom diet plan based on your goals and lifestyle, instead of experimenting with general diet plans.

2. Pre-bridal detox has been a topic of great discussion. 2. A lot has been said about pre-bridal detox.

Pre-Bridal detox diet helps to eliminate toxins and excess fat that have accumulated over time. This will allow your body to recover its natural balance and heal. Your body will receive the nutrition and energy it requires to cleanse. There are no injections or drugs, and no workouts. You can cook healthy, delicious food for yourself.

3. In 3+ months, I will be getting married.

I feel very tired and dehydrated. Do you have any suggestions for vitamins that could help me prevent this from happening? Supplements will not make you feel healthy or fresh. They are not something you can do for your entire life. Under the supervision of an experienced dietician, a healthy diet is the best and most safest. Your goal is to look great on your wedding day. However, you must also be healthy and fit to handle the additional responsibility of being married.

4. I’m underweight and would like to gain weight without eating junk food. I need to gain weight quickly. Can you suggest any food/supplements?

A. It is equally difficult to gain weight as it is to lose extra kilos. It is important to eat every two hours. The right foods to eat, such as protien-rich foods, milkshakes, sprouts and fruits, will help you lose weight. Healthy weight will be possible with the right foods. Supplements can be risky and not yield the best results. A Dietician can help you create a diet plan that suits your needs.

5. I lost a lot of weight recently, and I noticed thinning hair. I need your help to regain my lost hair.

Most people lose weight by cutting back on their food intake or skipping meals. This can lead to hair loss and other problems. It is important to not lose vital nutrition while losing weight. It is not easy to regain lost hair. However, you can reduce your calorie intake and still get the essential nutrients.

6. It took me 6 weeks to remove my double chin. Please tell me how to have a prominent jawline.

A. Double chin removal is difficult in 6 weeks. It took 6 weeks for it to happen. What are your current height, weight, and age? The Diet Clinic can guide you and help you lose weight without the need for starvation or medication /supplements. Our focus is on weight loss and we have assisted thousands of clients in India and abroad with Telephonic Diets and Online Diets. We also offer regular consultations at our clinics located in Gurgaon and Delhi, Noida, and North India.


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